Kenkashi is a small family owned business in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. We brew microbes for use in compost systems, home gardens, small and large farms and more. We believe in the power of microbes and their role in maintaining a thriving ecosystem.

Our Mission: To Educate and Inspire Positive Change

We believe in the power of microbes and their role in our ecosystem. Microbes have been around for billions of years, and we're not inventing anything new. However, we aim to use this age-old technology to secure a better future for ourselves and our children.

Collaborate with Us for a Better Future

We are interested in and encourage partnerships with all types of companies, big and small. Whether it's for schools, farms, educational programs, corporations, parks, or anything in between, we believe in working together to create a symbiotic relationship that does the most good.

Our Team

We're small but mighty (just like microbes)

  • Cassie Wilson

  • Jason Anderson

  • Pat Wilson

  • Kyra Aulani

Microbes for a Better World

At Kenkashi, we believe that microbes have the power to help equalize and balance our footprint on the land. Our goal is to educate and raise awareness about the impact we have on our environment and inspire people to make positive choices starting with their soil.

Join us on our mission to make the world a better place, one microbe at a time.

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